AA-ISP Idea Exchange: Think on Your Feet - Overcoming Common Objections

Author: James Buckley, JBarrows Sales Training | Carole Mahoney, Unbound Growth | Greg Armor, Gryphon Networks
Posted: April 6th, 2021

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Handling objections from prospects is a common obstacle that salespeople face daily. After all, if a prospect didn’t have any concerns, they would have already purchased your product!

Whether an objection is over features, pricing, timing, or how competitive your product is, responding to a prospect requires salespeople to think on their feet in order to alleviate any concerns and allow the deal to progress.

In this webinar, our panelists discussed:

  • The common struggle of handling sales objections
  • The importance of overcoming these objections
  • Tips and tricks for salespeople to successfully handle these objections and progress deals

(In fact, session Moderator, Bob Perkins, put our panelists on the spot and asked them to share how they would handle specific objections themselves!)


Additonal Resource

The Sales Leader’s Guide to Conversation Intelligence eBook

As organizations are growing their tech stacks to assist their teams through the remote sales process, a conversation intelligence tool can offer insights into prospect and customer conversations to help overcome objections and drive more revenue.



Our thought-leadership idea exchange panels are a resource for reps and leaders to learn from a variety of sales professionals from different organizations on topics that are important to moving business forward, closing more deals, and taking our teams to the next level!

Our panel will share their opinions while encouraging audience interaction, comments, and questions throughout.

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