AA-ISP Hyderabad Chapter: Inside Sales @ 2021 For SaaS & Product Companies

Author: AA-ISP Hyderabad Chapter
Posted: April 19th, 2021

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Inside Sales has seen a huge jump in the last 2 years and with Pandemic in 2020 the importance of Inside Sales has become all the more important.

Especially for SaaS and Product companies who have just started or in the startup phase Inside sales is the best way to Increase its MRR.

To talk about the same we have got 2 Global Leaders who have been helping organizations change the way Sales is done. 

Mahesh Iyer, Global CRO, Chapter President for Hyderabad @ AAISP and one of the Top 25 Global Sales Leaders will be hosting Entrepreneur, investor, coach, and leader, Matt Wolach who knows the B2B software sales world from the inside out through nearly two decades of SaaS sales management experience. 

Matt is the creator of The Perfect D.E.A.L. ProcessTM and The 4 Pillars of Scaling SaaS CompaniesTM, each of which has created growth patterns that led to multiple 8 and 9 figure exits. He uses his experience and these proven processes to guide founders and leaders of B2B SaaS companies from around the world on how to effectively turn their entire sales process into a conversion machine.

In this Session you will Learn :

  • Mistakes SaaS Leaders make when trying to Market
  • How to Scale up the Sales Operations
  • Important Sales Process for Software Companies
  • How to use Demos to create emotions for Prospects
  • Biggest Problems Occur when trying to Scale.



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