VSS2021 Idea Exchange: How to Grow, Develop, and Scale Your Sales Team

Author: Austin Hitchcock, Haley Katsman, Steve Gielda
Posted: April 22nd, 2021

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Whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person, enabling your sales team to grow, develop, and scale is a strategic imperative. Empowering and expanding a high-performing team starts with how you recruit, includes how you onboard, and requires enablement be always on for new and tenured sellers alike. Join this session to hear from sales and enablement leaders about a topic that’s top of mind for all of us – getting the most from our teams through engagement, enablement, and scalable processes.

Key takeaways will include:

• Guidance for inclusive and diverse hiring processes
• Recommendations for modern onboarding in a virtual world
• How to build a culture that “pays it forward” by putting people first thereby enabling consistent performance and increasing retention
• What really connects when trying to engage employees and what to discard