VSS2021 Best Practices to Drive More Pipeline with the Calendar, Verses Calls/Emails

Author: Scott Logan, Trey Allison
Posted: April 22nd, 2021

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The pandemic forced everyone to accelerate their transition to digital selling. Some had to start building the basics, while others just expedited their transition already in progress. This is great, right? Kind of... The problem is most of us lost our way and don't realize it. We are focusing on the Means to an end with better 1,000-step sequences, instead of the End itself, The Meeting.

Learn How the Calendar 1st™ Methodology Increases Your Lead to Meeting Conversion Rate by 3-5X with Minimal Effort:

-When and how should the meeting invite be sent
-What is the anatomy of a valuable meeting invite
-Why and how to treat your meeting title like an email subject line

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