8 Components of a Telemarketing Script

Author: Julie Kramme, Quality Contact Solutions
Posted: May 6th, 2021

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You’ve decided to use outbound calling as part of your sales or marketing strategy; you have acquired a list of prospects to call, and you know what you want the outcome of those calls to be. Now you need to develop a message for your telemarketing staff to convey on your behalf…

You need a telemarketing script.

But what does that look like?


What should you include in a telemarketing script?

For some call center agents, a traditional script that tells your agent what you want to say and how you want them to say it works very well – especially for those new to the game who are still building confidence. The challenge with traditional scripting is that with time and repetition, message delivery can get a bit stale. So, how can we prevent that? Through training and motivation, of course!

But that’s not the only way…


When to consider eliminating the telemarketing script.

The key to ensuring long-term effectiveness of your outbound telemarketing script may be to eliminate the “script.” Instead of writing paragraphs for agents to “read,” consider developing an outline or road map that provides directional conversation and key talking points to assist the agent in accomplishing their objective. Doing so
allows the agent to insert their personality, use their own words, and build credibility with the prospect.


Download this Best Practice for access to the 8 components your script should include! 

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