AA-ISP Case Study: How proposal software created a scalable sales process and increased close rates by 76%

Author: Nick Brown & Conor Cox, Proposify & Cameron Aiton, EverLine Coatings
Posted: May 5th, 2021

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AA-ISP's mission is to advance the performance of Inside/Virtual sales teams, one way we do this is through LIVE Case Studies with sales professionals.

This 60-minute open Zoom Chat discusses how Everline created a scalable sales process and increased close rates by 76%.


When it comes to your sales process, do you feel a bit like you're flying blind?

You don’t know exactly what reps are sending out, you don’t know where deals stand, and you don’t know what’s a reasonable number to forecast, let alone if you’re even going to hit that number.

You’re not alone.

More than 60% of sales leaders say they lack the control and visibility required to create a predictable, consistent, and scalable sales process.

The solution? It lies a little further down the funnel than where you may be looking.

Check out the proposal experts at Proposify and one of their top-franchise customers to see exactly how proposal software has brought control and visibility across their rapidly-growing franchisees where they previously had none, and increased their close rates by a whopping 76%.


During this Case Study, you'll learn:

  • How to create a proposal workflow and closing document that wins more business
  • How to get visibility across your sales org - whether it’s...
    • branches
    • franchisees
    • regions
    • or just across the office
      ...to better measure sales performance and forecast accurately
  • How proposal software can ramp new reps up faster
  • How proposal software can increase your pipeline


Who Should Watch:

This session is ideal for sales leaders, sales ops, sales managers, VP of sales from all industries and sales models. The case study focuses on a franchise model, but all models will benefit!


Additional Resource:

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