AA-ISP Workshop: The Human-Centered Sales Process - A Guide to High-Performing Videos

Author: Stephen Pacinelli, BombBomb
Posted: May 20th, 2021

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Today, standing out in your prospects’ inboxes is next to impossible. Even if you’re doing everything right, and even if you have the best intentions, most people have been conditioned to ignore or mistrust the messages they receive.

They review their inboxes like many of us do, on autopilot. Delete.

In this workshop, you’ll learn a simple, repeatable process to help you stand out and quickly and effectively generate replies, build trust and rapport, and convert more leads. We’ll also explore the framework our Presenter used to produce an 82% response rate from CEO’s, VP’s, authors, and leaders on cold outreach.


Workshop participants will walk away with:

  • The psychology behind the highest converting videos
  • A structure for your videos to ensure someone gets back to you every time
  • Easy to follow frameworks for video plays, lead conversion, and follow up
  • When and where video works best throughout the customer lifecycle


Who Should Watch

Anyone who sells virtually and wants to get noticed by your prospects!


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