How to Deal With Inappropriate Comments From Customers

Author: Amber Van Schooneveld, BombBomb
Posted: December 31st, 1969

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“Hey, princess.”

“I see why you got your job.”

“You’re so handsome.”

If you are in a customer-facing role or you lead a team of customer-facing employees, these types of comments may sound familiar. Sadly, unwanted advances, flirting, inappropriate comments, and sexual harassment from customers aren’t as uncommon as we might hope.
And while video offers an amazing opportunity to connect in an authentic, human way, some people will use it instead to focus on physical appearance, make gendered comments, or infuse the conversation with innuendo.
Why does this matter?


Read the full article from Senior Writer at BombBomb and author of Hope Lives: A Journey of Restoration, Amber Van Schooneveld to find out: 

How to Deal With Inappropriate Comments From Customers

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