Delivering the Perfect Virtual Presentation

Author: Tom Stanfill, ASLAN Training and Development
Posted: June 1st, 2021

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Combined, over the last 30+ years, I’ve watched and made hundreds of sales presentations. Here is the most important thing I’ve learned: the best presentation wins, not necessarily the best solution. 

There’s just not enough time built into the decision-making process for the proper amount of due diligence. Plus, study after study has been proven that emotions, not facts, drive decision making.  Winning often comes down to who delivers the best performance, not who can ultimately deliver the best value.

This in and of itself adds to the challenge and pressure of delivering a great presentation - and there is no stage more difficult than presenting virtually.

With virtual presentations, customers are more distracted, you lose the magic of eye contact, charisma is diminished to just a voice, and it’s much harder
to see and experience the product or solution. Buthere’s the good news: if you can deliver well virtually, you can deliver anywhere.

When selling virtually, there is no room for error. It requires advanced skills. But those skills will serve you well in every aspect of selling and influence.

To help you win 90%+ of virtual presentations (yes it is possible), I want to offer the most important secrets I’ve learned over the years on how the best of the best deliver a killer, drop the mic, presentation. It all starts with the right framework.


Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to create a virtual presentation framework
  • How to set and control the Stage
  • The Delivery - 8 pro tips for ensuring the perfect performance
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