AA-ISP Chicago Chapter: Take Your Virtual Sales Presentation from Forgettable to Invincible!

Author: AA-ISP Chicago Chapter
Posted: June 30th, 2021

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When it comes to virtual selling, it is imperative you quickly build connection, rapport, and trust. Doing this well helps your customer engage with you, share their challenges, and be open to your solution. This session focuses on giving you tangible strategies that you can use to make 2021 your breakout year of sales success. Our speaker, Mark Steel, shares the proven techniques he used to exceed over $1B in enterprise sales at Microsoft. 

In this session learn how to:

  • - Reach 125% of quota or MORE!
  • - Foster powerful customer relationships
  • - Build team confidence
  • - Maximize every customer interaction

Mark Steel is a keynote and two-time TEDx speaker, sales consultant, podcast host, and the international best-selling author of Invincible Success: Sell with Confidence, Lead with Purpose, and Speak with Impact.

*Receive a FREE copy of Mark Steel's 6 Invincible Principles that he used to generate over $1 Billion in sales here: tools.marksteel.com/aaisp