AA-ISP Workshop: Guaranteed Ways to Get Your Videos Played

Author: BombBomb
Posted: July 21st, 2021

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“Why didn’t they play my video?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself a question like this, then you’re ready for the next step in your video journey: getting results.

You know that video can work in your sales process, but you lack the specific strategies and frameworks to systemize your approach, make sending videos easy, and improve your outcomes. Bypass the pain of figuring this out alone and discover what has been learned from over 67,000 people and millions of videos.

Video isn’t the differentiator, you are. Scripts will fail you, frameworks will win, and a plan is crucial. Watch this interactive workshop and we’ll help you get there.


What we did during this workshop:

5-minutes- Problem assessment: “Why didn’t they play my video?”— You put your time, thought, and effort into a video but no one plays it. How do you create a video that your prospects actually want to watch?

30-minutes- Hands-on training and real examples of the types of videos that make the greatest impact and where to send them throughout your customer lifecycle.

10- minutes- Now that you have some proven ways to create engaging videos that your viewers will want to watch, it’s time to put the strategy into practice. You’ll leave this workshop with frameworks to systemize your approach and the tool to improve your outcomes and make sending videos easy.


Who Should Watch?

Anyone utilizing video in their outreach efforts!

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