VSS2021 (Fall): Case Study/Framework: Fixing Your Leaky Funnel with Video

Author: Stephen Pacinelli
Posted: September 17th, 2021

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There are critical stages throughout your sales funnel that will make or break the deal. During these stages, deals stall, slip through the cracks, or even die. Whether you realize it or not, is broken.

Join this session as Steve points out some of the obvious (and less obvious) cracks in your sales funnel and shows you the secret to repairing them. Spoiler: It’s your best asset... your people. No matter what part you and your team play in the sales funnel, it’s incredibly important that you are able to communicate in a way that moves people to action. You’re doing yourself a disservice as a sales professional if you’re not using the most emotionally charged delivery you can. But because of time, distance, and digital pollution, your people are hidden behind faceless, typed-out text. That’s where video comes in.

Remember, video isn’t the secret sauce to getting success in your sales funnels. Your people are. And when it comes to the sales funnel, small improvements can result in significant impact and revenue.