VSS2021 (Fall): Prove it! Using Field Trials to Break Bad Habits Before Making Big Bets

Author: Frank Pinder
Posted: September 17th, 2021

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All selling is now Inside Selling, but a lot of reps are still stuck on bad habits from the field. You might have trained your sellers on the tools and technology, but their conversations carry those bad habits. And when your well-meaning reps want to put a new idea into practice, it’s based on their best guess. How do you know whether it’s working (or not)? Before making a big financial bet on unproven ideas, what if you could test and measure how your messages, content, and even your sellers’ skills perform in a real-world setting?

In this session with Frank Pinder, General Manager at Corporate Visions and B2B DecisionLabs, you’ll learn how to:

- Build effective field trials by pairing technology with academic research principles.
- Validate your approach in real-world sales situations before making a big financial bet.
- Deliver smart cadences at scale to drive more engagement, activity, and pipeline.