VSS2021 (Fall): Add Value in Prospecting and Increase Sales Meetings by 3X

Author: Mario Martinez Jr., Karthi Mariappan
Posted: September 17th, 2021

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ATTENTION PROSPECTORS!  Breakthrough all the noise, humanize your outreach, and connect with more prospects.   

Today’s decision-makers are flooded with e-mails, calls, and connection requests, in which they rarely even look at, let alone respond to.  Join Karthi Mariappan as he interviews social selling and prospecting expert, Mario Martinez. Together they will share specific and actionable tips to capture a prospect’s attention while developing more, real opportunities! 

Learn numerous tips including the ideal subject line, messaging best practices, and the PVC (Personalize, Value, Confirm) method which will help improve your prospecting e-mails, chats, social connections, and phone calls.  This is a must-attend session for anyone responsible for connecting with new prospects!