VSS2021 (Fall): Closing Keynote: Leading With Vulnerability

Author: Marin Nelson, Tim Clarke
Posted: September 17th, 2021

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According to a recent survey of 700 sales professionals, 3 in 5 are struggling with their mental health. Stress, grief and anxiety caused by COVID-19 have taken an unprecedented toll on employees. There is a significant increase in unhealthy coping mechanisms which is having a significant impact on employees and the organizations they work for. Whether it’s sugar, sex, social media or something harder, addiction hides in plain sight, creating numbness and shame. This is especially true (despite the stigma) among the strongest, top performers. Creating a culture of mental wellness in the workplace is now more important than ever.

Join this session to hear from two Salesforce leaders how they are leading conversations with employees around mental wellness and sobriety, including an inside look at the creation and purpose of Employee Resource Group SOBERforce. You’ll leave with actionable tips and ideas for improving employees’ mental health—and their overall wellbeing.

In closing, Bob Perkins will share his final thoughts and wish our #VSS2021 participants the best until we see you again soon!