AA-ISP Idea Exchange: Inner Workings of a Sales Organization

Author: ZoomInfo
Posted: September 21st, 2021

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Today’s Inside/Virtual/Digital Sales organizations continue to seek out the best sales models to support their ever-increasing revenue targets.

Many progressive teams have implemented an SDR structure that includes focusing on both inbound and outbound lead development. 

During this Idea Exchange, managers from an inbound and outbound sales team at ZoomInfo will dig into several areas to uncover the inner workings of their teams to help understand new ways to structure, measure, and run your teams.

In a fast-paced panel, expect discussion around: 

  • Why you should consider a model which has two distinct SDR sales motions for inbound and outbound
  • Best practices around setting metrics & KPI’s for each function
  • Key skills required for both the inbound and outbound SDR’s
  • The optimal leadership structure and cross-functional alignment with marketing and sales
  • Career pathing: Ways you can keep reps longer while staying motivated around development and career advancement
  • Q&A: Plenty of time for the audience to share their own challenges and questions with the panelists


Our thought-leadership idea exchange panels are a resource for reps and leaders to learn from a variety of sales professionals from different organizations on topics that are important to moving business forward, closing more deals, and taking our teams to the next level!

Our panel will share their opinions while encouraging audience interaction, comments, and questions throughout.


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Thank you to ZoomInfo for sponsoring this session.  ZoomInfo is a leading go-to-market intelligence platform for sales and marketing teams.



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