AA-ISP Idea Exchange: How to Create a Winning Handoff Between Sales and Customer Success

Author: ZoomInfo
Posted: October 14th, 2021

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The perfect Account Executive (AE) to Account Manager (AM) handoff leaves your customer confidence in their decision, and eager to get started with your product. But gaps in communication or lack of visibility into the next steps can quickly result in buyer’s remorse, and ultimately, churn. 

In this replay learn how to amplify your customer’s excitement as you transition the relationship from sales to account management.

Identify and eliminate gaps in communication and planning, establish roles and responsibilities, and develop internal plans and processes to help your teams perfect this delicate handoff and set the stage for expansions and renewals.


In this Idea Exchange, expect discussion around: 

  • Best practices around timing the introduction of the AM to the customer to increase trust and familiarity
  • Developing customer success plans and questionnaires to ensure proper knowledge transfer  
  • Defining roles, responsibilities, and KPIs across sales and account management teams to ensure full coverage
  • Tools and data points that allow you to track and continuously improve your handoff


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