AA-ISP Idea Exchange: SDR to AE Handoff: Transforming Your Process for Modern Sales

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Posted: November 18th, 2021

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Booking the first meeting is no easy task, but neither is what comes after. The handoff from Sales Development Representative (SDR) to Account Executive (AE) is a crucial step in the sales cycle that, if done right, sets the stage for more closed-won business, fewer no-shows, and increased buyer satisfaction.  


But how do you ensure your SDR is performing a thorough discovery before booking a meeting? How do you guarantee your AE shows up to the demo prepared to accelerate the deal? As well as, how do you minimize top-of-funnel no-shows? 


We dive into these questions and more in this Idea Exchange replay. Learn what’s working, and what’s not, for other teams as you discover ways to rethink and restructure your own SDR to AE handoff for 2022. 


In this Idea Exchange replay, expect discussion around:

  • Developing meeting qualification standards unique to your business 
  • Deciding when and how the SDR to AE handoff should happen
  • Ensuring your AE is equipped with the necessary information to accelerate the deal
  • Defining roles, KPIs, and a compensation plan that aligns and motivates both parties



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