AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter: Mental Health Awareness Part II

Author: AA-ISP Silicon Valley Chapter
Posted: December 15th, 2021

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Back by popular demand watch the replay of the Mental Health panel Part 2.   

How are you and your company putting your employee's health and wellbeing first? BURNOUT...It's a thing and most employees aren't receiving the help that they need.

Watch this replay and see how you can help your employees handle the stresses that come with the holidays, year-end sales numbers, mental health and substance abuse.

  • Jeff Riseley - Founder of Sales Health Alliance 
  • Sean Kawaguchi - Board Member at Uncrushed (an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the many mental health challenges faced and how people have overcome them), GTM Recruiting at Workato 
  • Ralph Barsi - VP Global Inside Sales at Tray.io
  • Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell - Commercial Sales Development Manager at Gong


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