AA-ISP Workshop: Event Pipeline is BACK! Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid Sales Tactics That Will Blow Your Mind

Author: Kronologic
Posted: February 10th, 2022

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Are you attending or sponsoring an industry event in 2022? If so, this workshop replay is for you!

No matter the format, (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) this workshop replay will give you new ideas to make the most out of the connections you'll make!

Despite the pandemic, these new event tactics will make your 2022 event season the BIGGEST pipeline driver for your sales team.

Upgrade these painful sales tactics:

  • Scanning badges - don't feel like a pickpocket anymore 
  • Calling/emailing a week post-event due to a list "cleaning" 
  • Collecting business cards - with handwritten notes, of course
  • Webinar mystery - "I didn't sign up for your webinar!"
  • Dinner RSVP's - you don't have the time and your SDR's lack the skillset


Scott and Abby with Kronologic share how their team drove 10x in the pipeline from events in 2021 and some even closed 50% of the pipeline in less than a quarter!

If you're worried about another lackluster, pandemic-ridden event season, check out this workshop replay and walk away with the new best practices - so simple you should have thought of them years ago!


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