AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Leaving Ping Pong Selling in the Past | Solution Building With Your Buyer

Author: GetAccept
Posted: March 1st, 2022

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Do you feel like you and your team are at odds with your buyers? Selling to today’s buyer is more challenging than ever; buyers are hyper-informed, in control of most of their journey, and skeptical about sales professionals and their intentions.


It’s never been more important for sales teams to shift their approach and start building solutions with their buyers as a team.


Sales team leaders and individual contributors alike will benefit from the insights in this replay. All attendees walk away with a proven framework around the following: 

  • 5 ways to build a winning buyer-seller team
  • Demonstrate value to create a real, authentic relationship with your buyer (almost like a partner)
  • Keep communication going: remote work makes real-time communication difficult. Find ways to keep the conversation evolving
  • Show, don’t tell, buyers how your solution can work for them
  • Create experiences to make buyers feel seen, heard, and understood


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