AA-ISP Idea Exchange: Using Content, Conversations & Coaching to Help You Close More Deals

Author: Mindtickle
Posted: April 5th, 2022

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All sales leaders have the same dream: for every rep to hit or exceed quota every quarter. But according to the 2021 Heinz Marketing report, less than 15% of sales teams hit their sales goals. While this represents shattered dreams for 85% of sales leaders, it also shows that there are a few, elite sales organizations that have cracked the code on sales success.

What are these organizations doing differently to crush their quota? That’s the million - or billion-dollar question.

To find the answer, Mindtickle set out to understand the “State of Sales Readiness,” analyzing the behavior of over 350 high-performing organizations to understand how winning teams ensure reps are always ready. Amongst the many invaluable insights uncovered was a common thread - winning sales teams effectively leverage content, conversations, and coaching to close more deals.

In this Idea Exchange panelists dug into best practices for optimizing these “three C’s” to improve seller performance and quality. 

If you are a sales leader or aspire to be one, check out the replay as we explore these important questions: 

  • How do top revenue organizations ensure content makes a difference in the field?
  • How do sales leaders know the coaching is actually improving their performance?
  • How can infield conversations help win deals today and power future success across the team?
  • How do top sellers leverage real-world conversations to improve their selling skills?
  • How do these three work seamlessly as part of a comprehensive performance management strategy?


Looking for the full 2022 State of Sales Readiness Report? Get your copy here.

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