CSO Insights Inside Sales Optimization Survey and Free Report Offer

Author: CSO Insights, Kim Cameron, CSO Insights
Posted: October 25th, 2010

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200 plus Page Inside Sales Performance Optimization Report - Free Offer

CSO Insights has recently launched its 17th annual Sales Performance Optimization survey. As a supporter of this research project, the AA-ISP would like to invite you to take part in this new survey.

In return for your time, CSO will provide you with a copy of the 200 page SPO report when it is released February 1st. A few weeks later you will also receive the Inside Sales Performance Optimization study with nearly 100 metrics charted and a 15 page analysis. Each of these reports sells for $795 but you will receive them both for free as a thank you for participating in the survey which takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Note, the level of detail required for this survey is targeted at manager level or above; if you are not, please forward this invitation to your manager, director, VP of Inside Sales. Thanks!

If you are not familiar with CSO Insights and, therefore, hesitant to forward up your organization, know that they are a recognized, independent research firm that has been regularly featured in the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Selling Power Magazine, Inc., CRM Magazine, etc.

To take part in this research project click on the following:

CSO Insights 2010 Inside Sales Performance Optimization Survey Link

Questions on this survey can be directed to Kim Cameron, Director of Research, CSO Insights: kim.cameron@csoinsights.com.


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