AA-ISP Idea Exchange: Strategies to Motivate & Move Middle Performers

Author: Everstage
Posted: May 12th, 2022

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Oftentimes, middle-of-the-road sales performers are overlooked when leaders are building their training and development strategies.

This Idea Exchange replay will cover ways you can move the middle by further nurturing and developing this group.

Panelists discussed questions including:

  • How to determine what motivates your middle performers?
  • How do you identify/address factors that cause a lack of motivation?
  • What behaviors can be modeled from high performers?
  • How can you level up the mindset of average-performing reps?
  • What is the impact/role of company/team culture in achieving this?
  • How to optimize coaching and enablement programs for the average
  • How can incentives help move this needle?
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