AA-ISP Workshop: How to Bring the Human Touch Back to Digital Selling

Author: Integrity Solutions
Posted: May 17th, 2022

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How skilled are your sales reps at connecting- truly connecting on a human level- with customers?

Here are some telling statistics. Polling at the most recent AA-ISP Leadership Summit indicated that the three biggest sales team challenges included:

  • sales teams feeling overwhelmed by too many technologies and sales enablement tools
  • salespeople spending more time talking about product than listening to the customer
  • a need to improve the “human touch” in customer interactions

Technology absolutely plays an important role in virtual selling environments. But as recently as 2019, 98% of inside sales investment dollars were being spent on recruiting and tools, while only 2% were going towards the ongoing development of agents and managers. There’s a disconnect there, and it’s causing sales reps to become distracted, spend more time reading screens and talking about product than actually listening- truly listening- to customers and creating strong connections. Salespeople are asking ineffective or generic questions and too often missing important cues about customer needs that can create a better connection and help advance discussions.

Watch this interactive workshop and learn:

  • Why the key to sales- now more than ever- isn’t the technology you’re using, but the human connections being made.
  • 3 critical conversations that will help your sales team achieve their 2022 numbers- and why most sales organizations are still focused on only one.
  • Ways to address not just the ‘how’ of selling, but also the ‘why’ by creating a greater sense of purpose and ownership that unlocks the full potential within every salesperson.
  • How to put a values and ethics approach front and center into sales- and bring back the humanity in the sea of technology- one conversation at a time.
  • Specific strategies for re-humanizing the sales process and gaining greater customer engagement.

Are you tilting the balance too far towards the latest tech trends? Stop the insanity, step back and recalibrate! Layering yet another tool onto your tech stack is not going to be the key to getting closer to customers, capturing more opportunities, and outflanking your competition.


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