Virtual is Vital: How to Make Virtual Sales Calls Engaging and Memorable

Author: Tim Riesterer, Dr. Carmen Simon
Posted: June 3rd, 2022

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Nearly 70 percent of salespeople don’t believe virtual sales calls are as effective as in-person meetings. In a recent industry survey, sales reps told us that participants tend to multi-task, there’s almost no interaction, and it’s hard to build relationships when meetings aren’t face-to-face.

Now that most sales calls happen in a virtual setting, how do you keep your buyers engaged? How do you make sure they remember your message? And how do you motivate them to act?

When your sales deck is the most visible part of your buyer’s experience, you can’t rely on the same in-person techniques to deliver a winning presentation. Virtual selling requires an entirely different set of skills.

Get this e-book and discover how to:

  • Build the right story with scientifically tested messaging and design principles.
  • Tell the story the right way using research-backed delivery techniques to make your presentation more engaging, memorable, and persuasive.

Learn to develop and deliver highly engaging sales presentations that drive action—even when you’re not there in person.


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