AA-ISP Workshop: Team Adoption - Using Video to Move the Needle

Author: Shootsta
Posted: June 15th, 2022

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As sales leaders in 2022 we need to be empowering our teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to stand out from the competition. Personalized sales videos are proving to be one of the best ways for sales teams to drive meetings and conversions, but the question is how to get your team to create quality video content easily, quickly, and on brand?

Watch this replay to hear from Chad Lakin, VP of North America at Shootsta as he hosted this workshop to teach you: 

  • How to quickly get your team creating sales videos
  • Best practices for quality and brand consistency 
  • Why personalization is important and how to do it without breaking the bank 

This exclusive virtual workshop replay is perfect for sales leaders and executives who want to improve their company sales performance and accelerate pipeline growth without creating yet another heavy lift for their sales teams. 

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