AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Economic Uncertainty - Objection Handling Tactics for Inside Sales Professionals

Author: SalesIntel.io
Posted: August 16th, 2022

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The economic downturn and fears of a recession make the current selling environment more challenging. Opportunities that were forecast to close now get stalled, as prospects postpone the final purchase decision. We're all feeling the pain (your competitors included).

Navigate these waters well and you can set yourself apart from the competition. In this interactive training workshop replay, we'll detail tactics you can use to overcome objections and show you how to use the competitive differentiators of your offerings to turn objections into opportunities.

In this replay, you can expect to:

  • Learn why an economic downturn can be an advantage for you
  • Learn why a clear understanding of your prospects' scenarios is key to effective objection handling
  • Recieve actionable advice on how to overcome sales objections to advance opportunities


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