AA-ISP Roundtable: What is a Salesperson Really Worth?

Author: B2B Decision Labs
Posted: October 27th, 2022

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A New Perspective on Measuring Sales Rep and Team Performance

One of the most important metrics used in making important financial decisions in any business is the Net Present Value (NPV) calculation.  Historically NPV has been used to determine whether an investment in new assets like a piece of machinery, a new computer system, or a new product initiative is a financially wise decision. It begs the question: Can NPV be applied to investments in salespeople?

In this roundtable replay, we will explore what happened when a B2B sales organization calculated the NPV, or Salesperson Strategic Value (SSV), to determine the value of its salespeople. Applying a more forward-looking assessment of salesperson value produced some interesting insights:

  • a new way to measure individual seller performance
  • a better comparison between top performers and all other sellers in the organization
  • a new dashboard used to monitor ongoing salesforce performance
  • a more targeted approach to training, development and enablement


Joined by Dr. Leff Bonney, founder and director of the Sales Institute at Florida State University, he reviews this case study and innovative salesperson analysis. Learn what actions sales leaders can take based on a better view of what’s really going on in the sales organization.


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