AA-ISP Portugal & San Diego Chapters: Does B2B cold outreach work in North America anymore?

Author: AA-ISP Portugal & San Diego Chapters
Posted: November 8th, 2022

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Does B2B cold outreach work in North America anymore?


Over the last two years COVID-19 rapidly evolved inside and outside sales into “remote selling” as everyone was forced to reach their prospects from a home office.

From the buyer’s standpoint, this trend only made them want to retreat further away from taking cold calls - couple this with the new reality of managing a distributed workforce themselves.

The quality of outreach has gotten worse, a lot worse, as the volume continues to rise - further agitating buyers.

Good outreach still works, but it has gotten a lot harder to reach and convert prospects into meetings, much less revenue! This is partly due to the “noise” not only being domestic, but sales teams from outside the U.S. are also trying to aggressively connect with the largest B2B market on the planet.


Watch the replay with expert panel comprised of Kevin JuzaMark Smialowicz, and Howard Thompson to learn:

  • Insights about how other companies are overcoming current obstacles and meeting growth objectives with remote selling resources
  • How to create and scale a remote selling team in an existing or new geography
  • How to reach and delight cold prospects
  • Accelerate ROI on VC investments
  • Effectively recruit the best remote selling resources  


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