AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Build Cross-Sell Success with Your Sales Engagement Platform

Author: Frank Pinder
Posted: January 17th, 2023

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Want to know how to actually set up your sales engagement platform for an efficient and effective cross-sell motion? Join us for actionable, “you can do this tomorrow” takeaways from a real-world B2B DecisionLabs field trial conducted with an $86B+ multinational corporation.

Our field analysts will walk you through the why, the how, and the how-to…so you can start getting results!

During this month's Training Tuesday replay you'll learn how to:

  • Operationalize cross-sell for consistent, persistent touches—even when you're not sitting at your desk.
  • Develop agility to deploy a data-driven cross-sell methodology, test, fail fast, and adjust.
  • Replicate the model our field test enterprise used to increase bookings by 358 percent over benchmark in the first 60 days.

January's Training Tuesday was made possible by Outreach which unlocks seller productivity so that sales teams can efficiently create and close more pipeline.


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