Report: Getting Sellers Engaged

Author: Leff Bonney
Posted: March 6th, 2023

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All the effort your marketers put into crafting the most persuasive collateral for sales gets wasted if you can’t convince your sellers to use it.

Worse yet, when sellers don’t use what marketing provides, they often spend hours every week re-creating their own content to use in customer conversations.

How can you motivate your sellers to use new content?

New research from Allego and Dr. Leff Bonney, behavioral scientist and Research Director at B2B DecisionLabs, shows that even if you start with identical content, the presenter you choose—and the story they tell—will significantly affect your sellers’ willingness to use it.

Get this research report to learn:

  • Who should present the content to sellers—a sales leader, a product marketing manager, or a high-performing peer?
  • What kind of story and approach should the presenter use to get sellers bought in?
  • Does adding a reflective activity have a meaningful impact on the sellers’ willingness to use the content?

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