Selling To People, Not Contacts

Author: Ralf VonSosen, VP Marketing of Insideview
Posted: June 12th, 2012

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So you have a business card, now what? None of us feel the business card we have truly represents who we are, and none of us want to be treated like a business card. The new world of social media, social networks, and user created content has opened new opportunities to discover the person behind the business card.

Opportunities to not only find the right person, but learn about what matters most to them to deliver the right message, and do that when they care, at the right time. So take that business card, meet the person behind it, and create new, meaningful relationships.

Join Ralf VonSosen, VP Marketing of InsideView, and learn about how focusing on people as opposed to contacts can increase your sales performance from leads to revenue.


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