New Trends in CRM

Author: The Customer Collective
Posted: April 2nd, 2012

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This e-book offers a variety of provocative perspectives from thought leaders. They are designed to help you think about leveraging CRM and related tools to achieve concrete results.
The articles in this collection focus on crucial questions such as:
"¢ What are your business strategies and priorities? "¢ Who are your customers? Why do they buy, and how do they buy? How do they want to be engaged? "¢ What role does each part of the organization (particularly sales and marketing) play in engaging and communicating with the customer? "¢ How do marketing and sales integrate more effectively in the new buying environment? How do you refocus marketing and sales, focusing on collaboration and eliminating the traditional silos? "¢ How do you create value for your customers? How do you create a compelling and differentiated customer experience? "¢ What are the key drivers to performance in your organization? How do you build your processes or define roles and responsibilities to optimize performance? How do you measure and track performance"”both within your organization and in terms of your customers?
Until you answer these questions, it's impossible to get the greatest value from CRM, SCRM, Sales 2.0, or whatever other tools you might be using. But if you take the time to articulate your strategies and priorities, then these tools can dramatically improve your organization's productivity and efficiency. For more information on The Customer Collective visit


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