@SocialSelling: What's Really In It For #B2B Sales

Author: Lattice Engines
Posted: April 10th, 2012

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The excitement surrounding social networks was bound to expand from the consumer domain to B2B sales and marketing. 'Social CRM' made its first appearance in 2009, and currently registers over 22,000 monthly searches on Google. While exact definitions still vary, there is a consensus that Social CRM means more fluid, less intrusive, and highly interactive forms of engagement between customers and the sales, marketing, and customer support organizations.
This white paper examines what Social Selling really means in the day-to-day lives of sales professionals, and considers how social networks are disrupting the traditional rules of the game. We are just beginning to feel the impact of social networks on B2B Sales and Marketing. Still, any sales organization intending to make a tangible dent in sales productivity with Social Selling should consider how the new social technologies and data sources enable sales professionals to change their day-to-day tactics for targeting accounts, gaining access and building trust-based relationships.
By taking a closer look at how the rules are changing in correlation to Social Selling and B2B sales, this article offers professionals new selling tactics that align more naturally to the changing behaviors of customers and prospects in a networked world.


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