The Best Days and Times for Sales Prospecting

Author: Sales Staff LLC
Posted: May 7th, 2012

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Anywhere from 50-75% of sales calls result in voicemail or no answer, depending on who you ask. It becomes imperative that you know the "sweet spots" in terms of the best periods of time to call; it can save you countless hours in the long haul if you structure your calling around certain key times.
This whitepaper draws on credible sources to help you answer: - What are the best times of the day to reach a target on the phone -What are the best days of the week to reach a target on the phone?

In short, there are many theories on this very topic and much of them are anecdotal. While somewhat valuable, anecdotal evidence can be highly subjective. Here, we look not only to individual experience, but also try to back up the claims with some credible statistics.


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