Simple Ways to Close More Deals + Beat Your Competition

Author: Todd McCormick, VP of SMB Sales for PGi & iMeet
Posted: June 20th, 2012

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Does your sales team deliver a rich customer experience every time they connect with prospects and clients? In this session, Todd McCormick, VP of SMB Sales for PGi and iMeet, will share simple ways to differentiate your inside sales team and close more business in a competitive market.

You'll uncover and eliminate hidden drains on your revenue, and learn how to quickly turn prospects into lifelong customers and enthusiastic brand advocates. According to Frost & Sullivan, you'll walk away with tips to give your sales team a 2-5 year competitive advantage!


Closing Techniques, Sales Tips


Assume for Sale, Handling Objections, Closing, Consistency, Confidence, Relationship, Trust, Follow ups, Tricks, Methods, Best Practices, Closing, Cold Calling, Introductions, Pipelines, Organization