Sales Intelligence Study Results

Author: Peter Ostrow, Vice President and Research Group Director for Aberdeen
Posted: July 9th, 2012

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Contemporary sales practitioners have a "good news, bad news" dilemma. There is plenty of available information at their fingertips about their customers, prospects, and target markets, but the flood of data has created a potential "TMI" situation in which the endless stream of content threatens to drown out the best sales opportunities within a steadily rising tide of unfiltered intelligence overload.

This white paper breaks down the understanding of the science of sales intelligence through Aberdeen's surveys that help break down how to achieve Best-in-class performance through a Competitive Maturity Assessment and the required actions and recommendations for your organization to improve your sales intelligence.

If you are looking to download this white paper and are not a current member of the AA-ISP, please visit the Aberdeen website for more information.


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