The First 100 Days: A Comprehensive Checklist for New-in-Seat Sales Managers

Author: Vorsight
Posted: July 11th, 2012

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Congratulations on your new sales management role! Whether this is your first foray into managing a sales team or you've been doing it for years, no doubt you're attempting to get comfortable with your new team and prioritize your "to do" list.

The sales manager role is a challenging one because not only is your success measured against a number (be it revenue, qualified opportunities, or leads), it's also measured against a variety of intangibles: the culture you create for your team, skills you help them develop, and the validation of their purpose in the organization. While many managers can hit their goals, very few are able to do so in a way that fosters a culture of independent, skilled, and driven sales reps.
Dedicating time within your first 100 days in seat to understanding your team's strengths, the resources made available to the sales team, and the right KPI's and metrics to track will ensure not only you and your team's success, but your organization's as well.

This "Checklist" is designed to determine what priorities are important and how to tackle them. You can use this guide to help decrease your ramp up time while simultaneously adding value to the organization.


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