Social selling sounds great, but will it drive more revenue?

Author: Koka Sexton, Director of Social Media Strategy, InsideView
Posted: August 2nd, 2012

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"Social selling sounds great, but will it drive more revenue?" This is one of the most common questions from today's sales leaders who refuse to buy into investing in social media for their sales teams unless they KNOW that there is tangible ROI. In this webinar, social selling expert Koka Sexton, Director of Social Media Strategy for InsideView, will provide a series of real-world success stories that help prove the ROI of social selling. Instead of concepts and ideas, they will talk specifically about the successful tactics and strategies and ultimately, the positive ROI results leading companies have received. In this free live webinar, you will learn: 1. Social selling strategies that actually have proven ROI 2. Tools and tactics every sales person should use today 3. Scalable recommendations on how to implement and execute a social selling plan


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