Contender or Pretender? The Role of Inside Sales in Winning Business

Author: Gayla Harris, AchieveGlobal's VP of Inside Sales and Jennifer Webb, Inside Sales Manager at AchieveGlobal
Posted: August 16th, 2012

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Today's inside sales teams are under tremendous pressure to acquire new business, close more sales in less time, and grow revenues - all while facing busy or indifferent buyers who would rather hang up than move past hello. When dial tones sound more familiar than conversation, productivity, morale and bottom line results can suffer. So how can your organization transform wasted sales calls into rich exchanges that fulfill quotas, build relationships, and achieve revenue goals? Listen to Gayla Harris, AchieveGlobal's VP of Inside Sales and Jennifer Webb, Inside Sales Manager at AchieveGlobal, uncover strategies for inside sales effectiveness. Learn of a 4-step process for understanding and satisfying customers' needs, and take a deeper dive into top challenges from an inside sales perspective. Gain strategies for: - Planning calls and setting goals - Opening calls with value for the customer - Overcoming indifference and other common challenges - Compelling prospects to take the next step, and eventually close the deal Learn how you can use a consistent inside selling process to strengthen relationships with new and current customers for repeat business, steady revenue streams, and long-term revenue growth.


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