Training Tuesday: Reach Quota Faster & Retain Great Salespeople With Onboarding & Succession Plannin

Author: Chris Cummins, VP of Sales, Skillsoft
Posted: October 12th, 2012

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Do you want to get your sales teams up and running faster? Enabling your sales teams to see results will help with attrition and will keep people motivated! Join Skillsoft's VP of Sales, Chris Cummins, and Sales Performance and Trainer, Pam Easton, to hear how effectively using elearning reduces the learning curve for inside sales professionals. Learn how Skillsoft's inside sales group dramatically improved the performance of their new hires. Hear the many benefits of using elearning within a sales organization including professional development and career growth.

In this webinar you will learn:
- How to reduce scrap learning by using a blended learning model with hands-on components. - How to create learning paths for roles in the department. - The importance of having sales specific resources on demand to help reps when they need it.

Chris W. Cummins, Vice-President of Inside Sales North America for Skillsoft Corp. Chris has close to 20 years of inside sales experience both as a sales rep and a sales leader. Chris has been involved in six start-ups, including 5 inside sales operations. Chris has managed direct sales, inside sales, field sales and channel sales. Chris has managed all facets of the sales cycle including lead generation, hunting and account management. Chris has had the opportunity to work for companies such as Equifax, HP, and Skillsoft, who are all leaders in their respective fields. Chris started his sales career as an Inside Sales representative, from there Inside Sales Manager, Inside Sales Director and Inside Sales VP. Over the last 5 years Chris has worked with his team to drive 25% to 30% growth year over year for their inside sales divisions.


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