AA-ISP Training Tuesday: How do you find, interview, and hire Inside Sales Superstars?

Author: Chad Burmeister, Director, Corporate Sales, ON24
Posted: November 9th, 2012

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This webinar, held by the AA-ISP Charlotte Chapter, goes over how to find, hire and onboard Inside Sales Superstars for your inside sales team.

Guest Panelists include:

Kevin Gaither, VP Inside Sales, uSamp
Skip Miller, Founder M3 Learning
Chad Burmeister, Director, Corporate Sales, ON24
Koka Sexton, Director Social Media, Inside View
Ken Krogue, President of InsideSales.com

In this webinar the guest panelists discuss the topic of Inside Sales Onboarding and answering a variety of questions such as: Where do good candidates hide? How do you get the A Player to the table? How do you know if you have a Challenge or Hard Worker? Are sales reps who are leveraging social media in their sales cycles REALLY more effective than those who don't?


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