Using Marketing Automation to Increase Your RIO on CRM

Author: Marketo
Posted: November 28th, 2012

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Marketing Automation is a comprehensive solution that can dramatically increase the ROI of the investment in your CRM solution. This best practice from Marketo reviews the key benefits of CRM systems and how Marketing Automation can increase the effectiveness of the entire sales and marketing function.

In this best practice, you will learn:

- Benefits of CRM Systems: Central location for all leads and contacts, tracking sales opps and the need for less licenses
- Why CRM alone is not enough: CRM systems are developed for individual leads, while marketing works with segments of leads
- Benefits of Automation: Marketing can run more campaigns and deliver more qualified leads to sales
- How Automation increases your ROI on CRM: Automation helps you convert, automate, nurture, prioritize and consolidate


Lead Qualification, Sales Process


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