Training Tuesday: Your Five Point Plan for Remotely Presenting Product Demonstrations

Author: Kraig Kleeman, Author, Speaker, Global Strategist
Posted: March 12th, 2013

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In 1970 Ozzy Osbourn and Black Sabbath overwhelmed the music scene with a very hard rock tune entitled "Iron Man." The song was awarded the #1 spot on VH1"²s 40 Greatest Metal Songs in 2006. It could be argued that "Iron Man" was the beginning of the beginning for Ozzy himself! The initial lyrics to the song are poignant"¦ "Has he lost is mind"¦?" "Can he walk at all"¦ ?" Is he live or dead"¦?" Please forgive my unconventionality, but"¦ when it comes to presenting product demonstrations – sales managers would do well to study Ozzy's lyrics and re-work them for a modern day affront to their sellers: "Did you really present that material in a way that is persuasive?" "Did you qualify this deal to see if it truly has legs?" "Have you lost your mind for chasing an unqualified deal?" Kraig Kleeman presents your five-point plan for remotely (virtually) presenting product demonstrations with excellence. This webinar is sure to rock your world!


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