AA-ISP Training Tuesday: Inside Sales Managers - The Summer FUN Meisters

Author: Josiane Feigon, Author of Smart Selling on the Phone and Online
Posted: June 11th, 2013

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Inside sales managers are spread thin these days: fighting the big battles to justify their teams existence, investing in the shiniest and brightest tools to make their teams more productive, creating strategically and equally aligned territories, designing generous comp plans, and tracking calls, conversion rates, and pipeline. They've even managed to squeeze time with their teams – weekly meetings, walking the sales floor, and 1:1 forecast reviews. They make themselves accessible, always available, and ready. So what's missing? Your teams seem to find you, well, a teeny bit stale. That's because the majority of your sales talent are young Millennials. They are ready to work hard, collaborate, engage, and be social, on one condition: work must be sprinkled with FUN.


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