AA-ISP Training Tuesday: "What Monday Night Football Taught Me About Closing"

Author: Lauren Bailey, Founder, Factor 8 Sales Training
Posted: October 9th, 2013

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This Training Tuesday session Lauren Bailey, Founder of Factor 8 Sales Training, presents "What Monday Night Football Taught Me about Closing." This new look at what closing means and how to move more deals through your sales funnel.

- Why and how to go for a close on even your first call (what!?)
- What is the equivalent of a sales first down
- Running, passing and Hail-Mary plays you can use this week
- At least one misused football metaphor, a dating analogy and a semi-dirty joke


Closing Techniques, Sales Training


Assume for Sale, Handling Objections, Consistency, Confidence, Follow ups, Guidelines, Tools, Information, Effectiveness, Ongoing Training


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