Motivation, Big Data and Gamification: Stop Wishing and Start Selling

Author: Molly Kittle, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Bunchball
Posted: November 7th, 2013


AA-ISP Webinar series continue with Molly Kittle, Vice President of Digital Strategy at Bunchball. Companies everywhere are unlocking the true potential of their sales teams with gamification. Molly, who has designed successful sales gamification implementations for some of the world's most recognized brands, explains how three very different sales organizations their performance by deploying gamification to create a kind of "cold fusion" that ignites the five intrinsic motivators present in every employee. As Molly will demonstrate, a well-designed gamification environment leads to impressive results, including a more knowledgeable and skilled sales team, and increased revenues and profits. Walk away from this session with proven best practices and concrete ideas for putting this approach to work for you.




Gamification, Incentives, Recognition