AA-ISP Frontline Friday: Beyond the BANT - Qualify Potential Deals Instead

Author: Lauren Bailey, President at Factor 8 Training
Posted: July 21st, 2014

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In this lively 30-minute session, Lauren shares 2 techniques to creating a Strategic Territory Plan based on YOUR priorities. Lauren talk's about the Quick-Sort (the fastest way to ditch the alpha sort!) and the Qualification Reconnaissance Mission. Lauren dig's into how to create smart and FAST qualification questions and show examples. She also covers tips to pulling critical information out of accounts, and how to plan your territory attack using the information you get.

Go beyond the "BANT" Qualification of existing deals and start qualifying potential deals so you spend your time wisely and maximize your commission check at the end of the month.


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Cold Calling, Techniques, Pitches, Scripts, Sales Skills, Prospecting, Qualifying, Closing, Research, Social Media, Objections, E-mail, Voicemail


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