Sharpening Your Sales Axe - 10 Ways to Hone Your Prospecting Chops

Author: Amit Melwani, Corporate Sales Manager at ClearSlide
Posted: August 1st, 2014

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Small changes can add up to big results. Did you know that if you get 1% better at something each day, that you would be twice as good at it in just 2 ½ months? Imagine getting 2x better results from your break–in emails or cold calls. What would that mean for you in terms of goal attainment?

Amit Melwani, Corporate Sales Manager at ClearSlide, shares 10 ways that you can improve your results with easy changes to what you're doing each day. From testing your email anatomy to using personalized video to break-in to new accounts, you'll learn actionable tips that you starting using TODAY.




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